We are sharing with you an interesting snapshot of the project! An almost final prototype of the battlefield. Do you think this is all that we have prepared for you? NOT AT ALL!! Just stick to the announcements.

What do you think about making money in the game?🤯

This sector is called Play to Earn for a reason
Kicking off this thread, we can assume that one of the options is the possibility to place bets for your battles. 🤪

How do you feel about this? Share in the comments!😜

Hello friends! 🐠

It seems that 2021 is already ending, and there are so many changes in our project! We have rebuilt almost the entire interface and mechanics of the project, but it’s not about this now. Do you think it’s all that is planned for this year? Absolutely not…

Look at the spoiler our team made for you! 🔥

Soon you will be able to store your resources in this inventory as well as improve your characters.😏

Share your impressions in the comments!

Like our future players, we are worried as well about where the underwater heroes can be sold? 😜 The answer is pretty simple — Auction! Check the design below and let us know what you think. 😱

The new release is very close… Until then, more interesting reveals are coming😄

Work on a new release is in full swing. Keep #SPOILER, and in the comments write your suggestions about what items and resources can be purchased on the Marketplace.

The new release is close, and we are in a hurry to share some great news with you!😱

How do you like the spoiler? Leave your answers in the comments!😌🔥

Are ya ready folks?! 🔥

Our team continues to share with you the abilities of the crypto sea inhabitants. 👍
The following one is the guy called “Angler”. Check what he can do in the picture.

And besides of that he will probably have the following additional characteristics:

Use jaws and teeth as knives or scissors;
After 3 attacks, the fish is filled with power, achieving to bring to his opponent a critical damage.

The characteristics of Gen. 1 are over. From tomorrow we’ll start to reveal some sneak peeks of the new game design, don’t miss it!🐠

Hello friends!

Our team continues to share with you the details of our future heroes.
Please give a warm welcome to the most common creature and game protagonist — Piranha. It’s basic abilities are indicated on the inphographics attached to this post. Look them through and let us know what you think!

Alongside with basic features each character will have some additional details, depending on the level ( we’ll talk about the levels later ):
- change color of the ocean at the player’s choice;
- release small predators to attack opponents during the battle.

Please note that you can suggest ideas for improving the fishes. Thanks forward for your feedback. Together Piranhas strong! 😃

$PIR #PIRANHAS #NFT #PLAY@EARN #spoiler_Piranhas


Ethereum based DeFi project with gamification. Go hard or go home.

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