1 min readNov 4, 2021


Hello friends! 🐠

It seems that 2021 is already ending, and there are so many changes in our project! We have rebuilt almost the entire interface and mechanics of the project, but it’s not about this now. Do you think it’s all that is planned for this year? Absolutely not! We want to spread the word and give the ability to play Piranhas to as many people as we can reach, so meanwhile we invite you to participate in our constest 😉


✅ Follow our social networks;
— Twitter:
— Telegram:
— Discord:
✅ Like pinned tweet, retweet with comments and tag 2 friends;
✅ Invite 2 friends to Telegram;
✅ The friends you invite must also be active on our social networks;

Once you’ve done with all the tasks, you’ll need to fulfill the form to be eligible receiving the prize.

5 players will receive NFT with a random heroe to start with in the new version of the game.

The contest will end on November 23. 🥰 Raffle for the participants will be held on November 24th.




Ethereum based DeFi project with gamification. Go hard or go home.


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