Dec 4, 2020

1 min read



As commented on our Stream, we thought that as PIRANHAS is a game, players should also get rewards for their participation in ATTACKS, so now we are deploying a PIR V.2 token contract. Swap between V.1 and V.2 will be made automatically, and you will only need to add a new custom token to Metamask in order to see you PIR tokens and use them.

Old token contract:
Decimal: 18

New token contract:
Decimal: 18

In the new version, on each outgoing transaction 10% will be deducted and:
5% — burned
5% — sent to the smart contract of REWARD POOL for players, that participate in the attacks

We’ll post ASAP criterions, on which the rewards will be distributed, so you can choose your path:
- peaceful liquidity provider and farmer
- cruel aggressor, attacking other participants and receiving rewards for it

It’s up to you, which side you will choose 😎😎