Piranhas migrating

Nov 3, 2022


Hey folks!

As you’ve already noticed, Piranhas is constantly developing, and recently received an ecosystem grant from ZYXVERSE — a blockchain gaming platform, that will unite projects with its unique NFT standardization technology.

Due to this partnership, we are moving Piranhas to the ZYX Network blockchain. With this step, we will improve the basis, which will benefit all our current and future players.

The process is automatic and doesn’t require any user interactions

New contract:

New trading pair: https://info.zyxswap.com/pair/0x5721c99a4a680283c0298c982a9db128e0b6c5c6

Alongside the migration, we are preparing NFT contracts to be integrated into the ZYXVERSE ecosystem, so that $PIR holders can claim their NFT heroes to be used in the game environment.

Below we share our modified Roadmap taking into consideration all current market conditions, and development capacities.




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