First of all Piranhas is a crypto currency. But spiced with a gameplay factor to make it even more interesting, fun, and due to its tokenomics and smart contracts,holders can either increase or decrease its value. You can be a friendly breeder and just provide liquidity to ETH-Piranha pool and receive benefits from commissions and price increase. Or you can be a bad guy and hard player, attack other holders and join the clan.


Piranha token
Bio: A main token of the project. Used to provide liquidity, vote for development, buy NFT (v.2 game) and attack other holders.


From each transaction made in Piranha tokens a 10% commision will be deducted:

  • 5% returned to the smart contract of Loot chests


Energy is the quantity of Piranhas you have on your wallet once you make any action. More energy you have — more uncomfortable and harmful will be your attack.


Each holder of Piranha or Megalodon can attack others via ATTACK APP. You will have to connect your Metamask wallet with Piranha or Megalodon on it ( or BUY them if you don´t have ), select the quantity and unit that you want to use for the attack, indicate the wallet which you want to attack and launch your warriors.



Loot chest is a consumable virtual item which can be redeemed to receive a randomized selection of further virtual items, or loot, ranging from simple Piranhas, to game-changing equipment such as Dynamite or fish like Megalodon..


From the beginning only Megalodon will be available for breeding.


Every holder of Piranha token can vote for changes in rules and parameters in the game.


Coming soon…

NFT (coming in v.2 game)

More fishes and skills will be available in v.2 of the game lately this year.

Ethereum based DeFi project with gamification. Go hard or go home.