The main assets of the game will be as it is now a $PIR token.

2 min readNov 3, 2021


❗️🗣Piranhas V2 details sneak peek!❗️🗣

😜As we are approaching our Piranhas V2 launch, we would like to bring more light on the mechanics of the new version of the game.


The main assets of the game will be as it is now a $PIR token. With this token, you will be able to bid for the battles, buy extra features for your heroes, merge fishes, etc. All will be going around the $PIR token. So basically, it’s like the water for the crypto ocean creatures.


In the V2 of the game, all battles will be executed in a PVP mode. You will need 3 fish heroes to be able to attack or defend yourself. Before starting the battle you will be asked, whether you want to bid any amount to the prize pool or not. If yes, the winner takes it all.😇

Several charts with the game metrics will exist. Based on those charts players will receive airdrops of extra features for their fishes to be merged with them, scaling attack/defense metrics alongside adding some hidden capabilities. 🔥


Each fish will live on the Binance Smart Chain as an NFT. Every species will have its own minting contract and limited supply. We’ll start with the following ones: 🤯

- Piranha

- Megalodon

- Whale

- Angler

☺️After the V2 goes live, more characters will be added. And you will be able to vote for whom you want to see first.

There will be different ways of how you can get these NFTs:

- At the beginning, all $PIR token holders will receive the right to claim NFTs they like depending on their balances;

- Once the V2 goes live, basic fish can be bought on the Marketplace at a fixed price. Basic means it is of the lowest level with no extra features;

-Purchase fishes of a higher level and with extra features on the Auction. These will be exposed by their owners with different modalities of purchase: bid or fixed prices.

❗️Note. Each fish will have its level and rareness, depending on the number of battles passed and the extra features it has.


Alongside finishing the V2 of the game, we are already starting to create the V3, which is going to be much more different, taking into consideration all changes happening in the industry right now.

Hope you are all ready for numerous possibilities and interesting adventures that are awaiting all of us this year.🥰

Also, we wanted to thank all our early adopters for their patience and support. Your expectations will be totally met:)🥳




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